Production Process

KABEER Industries production process is semi-vertical, which means the company has practically all production sectors at its disposal, except for spinning.





The quality laboratory is involved in all
stages of our textile process.

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“You can think you’ve made it and yet the next day’s press will always be waiting for you, the public will always ask more of you. In short, you can always do better!” Giorgio Armani

At our “Kabeer Industries”, our in-house studio, we try to practice it. Our creative team comprises of some best talents from the Home Textile, Flooring & fashion industry, who are relentlessly focused to the smallest detail, to create something exceptional..something better than our past efforts. The studio is the heart of our team, where experimentation with yarns, techniques, weaves, textures, colors is an ongoing activity, and guaranteed that you would admire to see this unique team at work.

Working closely with designers & buyers from diverse nature of businesses from several countries & markets, the team is able to understand the requirements of clients better and win the appreciation .

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Making use of the best raw materials, exclusive design and knowledge that dates back generations has enabled the company to produce high quality textiles that are responsible for creating long-lasting relationships and close partnerships with customers.

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Kabeer Industries has sought to ensure that our goods are manufactured in good and socially compliant working environment. This supports our core principles of providing our own work force with meaningful jobs and providing customers with high quality products.

Kabeer’s products are manufactured at our versatile production unit complete with the latest CAD hardware & software, a computerized colour matching system, pilot dyeing and assembly unit.

From yarn, dyeing of yarn, weaving, Tufting, dyeing, stitching,made-ups, printing, vacumming etc. All are rolled out at Kabeer Industries with one focus in mind; to meet the diverse and exacting requirements of our customers.

With fully equipped machine capability, quick turnaround time from paper to finished physical samples, specialized high-end machinery for weavng detailing, advanced and versatile manufacturing facilities, strict benchmarks in quality controls.

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To Avoid quality-related surprises during or after production by using our quality inspection services we can ensure the product quality that buyer ask for. Don’t take any risks with any order. Ensure the product buyer pay for meets their specifications.

Also this support allows us to detect possible defects at an early stage of the production process, thus enabling us to correct them on the loom. At this stage the inspection is done manually.

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This is a colour laboratory equipped with a set of machines that give us great flexibility of processes, pre-treatment operations and dyeing. In this department kabeer industries carries out yarn-dyeing, fabric dyeing, bathmat dyeing in exhaustive dyeing or semi-continuous.
Depending on the type of raw material we work with, we use vat dyes, reactive dyes, vat/disperse dyes, reactive/disperse dyes.

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Much of the actual making-up service is currently carried out directly on looms but cutting/sewing operations are carried out at KABEER Industries. The company has several machines for cutting and sewing all kind of home furnishing products.

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Finishing is the final series of operations that produces finished product from grey goods. Any operation(other than preparation and coloring) that improves the appearance and/or usefulness of product after it leaves the loom or from any machine.

– It is a process of checking all defects which can change the apperance of the product and its purpose to make product beautiful.

– Packing process Out of finishing, products move to packaging area. In this area some accessories and other equipment patched again. Kinds of packing also depend on last purpose and level quality product. More expensive and more far delivery location need stronger packaging and more carefully.

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In final check we can monitor our entire manufacturing process from sourcing the right supplier through final delivery of finished product. With quality inspectors located around all the department, with particular concentration in FActory,

Also ensures that all items produced and finished in KABEER Industries undergo rigorous inspection that ensures their degree of compliance. All defects will be reported at this stage in order to facilitate cutting and making up, but also to maximise the use of the fabric and prevent defective items being produced.

This department is having independent QA teams – who Capable of performing all major tests on prduct as per specifications ie. strength, shrinkage, color performance and other physical aspects. Internal Controls through formal Quality Management System (QMS), random audits and training.

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This department performs a variety of complicated tasks and is ultimately responsible for driving the work in the field through a force dispatch process. He/she must have ability to multi-task and be able to do several things at one time. The dispatch manager is responsible for the dispatch and warehouse departments.

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7Production Departments

Yarn and


Physical and



Industrial estate of15000sq/m

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“At Kabeer Industries, we perform in unison by following our values and ethical guidelines code of conduct as a source of guidance and inspiration. We’re proud of the work we have inherited and which we have helped to consolidate. Quality and timely delivery remain the veritable password of the company. Most of our strategies boil down to what can be best expressed with a single sentence: We always strive harder to satisfy our customer’s requirements.” —— ANUBHAV MUNJAL